Miss Organics

Be prepared for a major rave.

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I have come across Miss Organics by pure accident only a couple of weeks ago, and as it was Black Friday and they had a little deal going on on their website, I thought, ‘Well, I may as well give it a go!’.

Being the lip balm freak that I am, I have decided to try out their Floral Touch lip balm. It comes in a cute little 8ml glass pot and it’s made of certified organic ingredients and naturally occurring essential oils. The full list of ingredients is on Miss Organics’ website, for those of you who are interested,  but it is fully made up of plant wax and natural oils with added vitamin E. Sounds lovely. And is it really?

Well, let me say this. Since I have purchased it, it has been with me non stop. It travels all around the house with me – from bedroom to kitchen, from kitchen to living room, to bedroom etc. This morning it went to work with me in my handbag, then sat rather proudly on my desk in the office , and now, as I am writing this, it sits right next to me where I can see it. In fact, hold on, let me put some on my lips now….

Gosh, this thing is just perfect. It buttery and creamy, but not sticky and not too watery so it doesn’t end up all over your face. The smell is very delicate and definitely not too overpowering. I NEED the other two scents for sure – Peppermint Zing and Citrus Euphoria. I mean, these are the three most perfect scents for lip balms, right?

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Another great thing is that Miss Organics is a new independent business that’s run by an enthusiast who knows what she’s doing. Anna is a lip balm lover and she did what most of us would never even think of doing – she decided to create her own perfect lip balm. Well, bravo to her. What an inspiration. If you can’t find something (e.g. a lip balm) that you really really love out there, why don’t you just make it yourself?

Along with the lip balm, I was also sent a sample of the Beauty Tonic, a face oil that smells soooo heavenly. In fact, the scent of that oil reminds me of something childhood related… It really bugs me! I am 100% that either my grandma or my mum had something in their beauty stash that smelled exactly like Beauty Tonic! It is just as amazing as the lip balm and it sinks into my skin like nothing else.  So I will be getting a bottle of it soon. Not only because it makes me feel so cosy and homely, which, in my opinion, is a perfectly good excuse to slather my face with it anyway!

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Please do visit Miss Organics website and please please get something (e.g. a lip balm, or two, or all three!). You will not only get a beautiful quality, organic and handmade product, but you will also support an inspirational young woman on her journey to the top of the natural skincare industry!

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